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Warrior Sports: Lacrosse

This series of videos were created for Warrior Sports to advertise several lines of their lacrosse equipment – the Dictator, RegMax Warp Pro, Evo Warp Pro 2 and the King II. Each product is marketed toward a different type of offensive or defensive player. I worked closely with Warrior’s in-house marketing department who developed the brand for each individual product and then I would adapt the look and feel into the filming style, tone, design and motion graphics to tell the individual product story. The goal of these videos was often to communicate the technical differences and benefits from one product line to another. We conveyed this messaging through interviews with Warrior’s product design staff, National Lacrosse League players such as Brendan Fowler and Rob Pannell, and through the use of design and motion graphics. I also filmed the products in-studio or on-field to match the campaign’s brand.

Warrior Sports is a sports equipment manufacturer based in Warren and owned by New Balance. They design and manufacture lacrosse and hockey equipment including sticks, helmets, gloves, goalie masks, and protective gear.

Marketing video for Warrior's "Dictator" to promote the new technology and product features.
Technology feature video for Warrior's "RegMax Warp Pro" filmed in studio based on the campaign's brand.
Part of a 4-part series about the "Evo Warp Pro 2" to highlight product features, the manufacturing process and the collaboration with professional athletes.
Marketing video for Warrior's "King II" to promote the new technology and product features.